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BatchPhoto Pro 4.1 BatchPhoto is a powerful all-in-one photo manipulation program for Windows that lets photographers, web designers, business people, and families enhance photos quickly and efficiently. Simply select a group of photographs, and with a single operation annotate, touch-up, apply special effects, conver... read more

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Audio & Multimedia - Other


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  Soft4Boost Ringtone Creator   close
Soft4Boost Ringtone Creator Create own ringtones to cell and mobile device with Ringtone Creator!
License: Shareware, File size: 46192 KB
Company: Sorentio Systems Ltd. (show all)
WinXPWinXP Win2003Win2003 WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  Software Metronome 1.6   close
Software Metronome 1.6 Highly accurate software metronome
License: Shareware, File size: 869 KB
Company: desktopmetronome (show all)
Win98Win98 WinMEWinME WinXPWinXP Win2000Win2000 Win2003Win2003
  Solway's Internet TV and Radio 2.0   close
Solway's Internet TV and Radio 2.0 Listen to free radio and tv from all over the world. Clean and hassle-free.
License: Freeware, File size: 1379 KB
Company: Kevin Solway (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinServerWinServer WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7 WinWin otherOtherOther
  Sonar Lite   close
Sonar Lite Sonar PC audio-control spylogger for home & work & kids security monitoring.
License: Shareware, File size: 5331 KB
Company: CKM Systems (show all)
Win95Win95 Win98Win98 WinMEWinME WinNT3WinNT3 WinNT4WinNT4 WinXPWinXP Win2000Win2000 Win2003Win2003 WinServerWinServer WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  Song Buddy 1.08   close
Song Buddy 1.08 Learn more about your favorite artists and discover some new ones.
License: Freeware, File size: 2137 KB
Company: Wide Angle Software (show all)
WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7 Win8Win8
  Song Length Finder 1   close
Song Length Finder 1 Searches your music collection for songs with a specific length.
License: Freeware, File size: 187 KB
Company: Zeta Centauri (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  Song Surgeon (Win) 4.0   close
Song Surgeon (Win) 4.0 Music & audio key & tempo change, wave editing, loop creation, AV Downloader
License: Shareware, File size: 18555 KB
Company: Todd, Michael & James, Inc. (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  Songs Texts 1   close
Songs Texts 1 Songs Texts Finder, Finding your music shouldn't be the hardest thing you do in
License: Freeware, File size: 3289 KB
Company: Songs Texts (show all)
WinXPWinXP Win2000Win2000 WinVistaWinVista
  sonic beacon   close
sonic beacon Test impedance and response of speakers with a mike, preamp, PC, amp and sound c
License: Freeware, File size: 12391 KB
Company: Sonic Beacon (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7 Win8Win8
  Sonos 4 4.0.0   close
Sonos 4 4.0.0 Sonos 4 turns a PC with sound card into a multiband processor limiter.
License: Shareware, File size: 965 KB
Company: John Burnill (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
Matches: 763 First    Previous   Page 66 of 77   Next    Last

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