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  Tip: Image Frame 1.2 close
Image Frame 1.2 Image Frame is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows developed by ImageSkill Software ( Image Frame is intended for easy creation naturally-look 3D frame. Using Image Frame you can easy personalize your photos. Add frame and text to your pictures. You can apply recta... read more

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Audio & Multimedia - Video tools


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  Springboard 1.03   close
Springboard 1.03 A fast, easy-to-use tool for drawing a storyboard for a movie production.
License: Shareware, File size: 6606 KB
Company: Six Mile Creek Systems LLC (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  SteelSoftTV(a good free internet TV) 5.2   close
SteelSoftTV(a good free internet TV) 5.2 SteelSoft TV is one of the best and free Internet TV software on the market.
License: Freeware, File size: 7441 KB
Company: SteelSoft (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  Stereo Processing Suite Lite 1.0   close
Stereo Processing Suite Lite 1.0 Stereo Processing Suite Lite is a set of tools for 3D video correction
License: Shareware, File size: 26725 KB
Company: YUVsoft Corp. (show all)
Win7Win7 Win8Win8
  STL Subtitle Converter 1.0   close
STL Subtitle Converter 1.0 EBU STL Subtitle conversion, validation, verification and processing
License: Shareware, File size: 1105 KB
Company: Jongbel Media Solutions Ltd. (show all)
Win95Win95 Win98Win98 WinMEWinME WinNT3WinNT3 WinNT4WinNT4 WinXPWinXP Win2000Win2000 Win2003Win2003 WinServerWinServer WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7 WinWin otherOtherOther
  STOIK Video Converter 3   close
STOIK Video Converter 3 One-click Video Format Conversion for Your Player
License: Freeware, File size: 29253 KB
Company: STOIK Software (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  STOIK Video Enhancer 1   close
STOIK Video Enhancer 1 Fix exposure, color balance, pull shadows and repair highlights in a few clicks!
License: Shareware, File size: 17115 KB
Company: STOIK Software (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  Stream Live TV 9.13   close
Stream Live TV 9.13 Stream Live TV by Downloading PC Software to Stream Anytime, Anywhere
License: Freeware, File size: 3489 KB
Company: Free Live TV Software, Inc. (show all)
Win98Win98 WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7 WinWin otherOtherOther
  Subtitle Dawn 2.0   close
Subtitle Dawn 2.0 Download subtitles for your movies and series automatically using Subtitle Dawn!
License: Freeware, File size: 2391 KB
Company: VCL Examples (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  Subtitle To Video Converter   close
Subtitle To Video Converter Add or multiplex external or internal subtitle to avi/wmv files
License: Shareware, File size: 1000 KB
Company: DigitByte Studio (show all)
WinXPWinXP Win2003Win2003 WinVistaWinVista
  SUM Editor 6.0   close
SUM Editor 6.0 SUM Editor edit videos without re-encoding. (without losing quality)
License: Shareware, File size: 6531 KB
Company: SProsoft (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7 Win8Win8 Win8Win10
Matches: 2623 First    Previous   Page 225 of 263   Next    Last

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