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FullRecall 1.5.3 FullRecall is a software that learns itself about your memory in order to help you memorize knowledge effectively by scheduling optimal intervals between repetitions. The sofware uses artificial neural network, which gradually grasps your forgetting curve, to schedule reviews on days when you'll be ... read more

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Audio & Multimedia


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  DrumPads 2   close
DrumPads 2 DrumPads is a virtual drum kit for Windows.
License: Shareware, File size: 4066 KB
Company: Zeta Centauri (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7 Win8Win8 Win8Win10
  DrumsAnywhere 1.1   close
DrumsAnywhere 1.1 Convert your table into a drum set
License: Demo, File size: 0 KB
Company: Electronic Drum Kit (show all)
  Drumsite 1.5   close
Drumsite 1.5 The realistic drums creation tool, supports multiple samples per instrument.
License: Shareware, File size: 8102 KB
Company: AEON GROUP spol. s r.o. (show all)
Win95Win95 Win98Win98 WinMEWinME WinNT3WinNT3 WinNT4WinNT4 WinXPWinXP Win2000Win2000 Win2003Win2003 WinVistaWinVista
  DSD Jukebox (Party-Player) 6.7   close
DSD Jukebox (Party-Player) 6.7 DSD Jukebox (Party-Player)
License: Freeware, File size: 2930 KB
Company: Duerkop Software-Design (show all)
Win95Win95 Win98Win98 WinMEWinME WinNT4WinNT4 WinXPWinXP Win2000Win2000 WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  DSpeech 1.62.5   close
DSpeech 1.62.5 DSpeech is a stand-alone program of TTS with ASR functionality integrated.
License: Freeware, File size: 586 KB
Company: Dimitrios Coutsoumbas (Dimio) (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinServerWinServer WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7 WinWin otherOtherOther
  DSPlayer 0.889 lite   close
DSPlayer 0.889 lite DSPlayer is a powerful HQ All-in-one Mediaplayer
License: Freeware, File size: 3807 KB
Company: Martin Offenwanger (show all)
Win98Win98 WinXPWinXP Win2000Win2000 Win2003Win2003 WinVistaWinVista
  DSSF3 5.2.x.x   close
DSSF3 5.2.x.x Measure and analyze the sound and waveforms of your PC.
License: Shareware, File size: 7163 KB
Company: Harrison Investment Inc. (show all)
WinXPWinXP WinVistaWinVista Win7Win7
  DT Kalendermacher PRO 1.1   close
DT Kalendermacher PRO 1.1 Desktopkalender und Bildschirmschoner machen zum weitergeben - Firmenversion
License: Shareware, File size: 3634 KB
Company: Dieter Thau Grafik-Design (show all)
WinXPWinXP Win2000Win2000 Win2003Win2003 WinVistaWinVista
  DU Audio Converter Extractor Max   close
DU Audio Converter Extractor Max Easy to use tool to convert audio files to various audio formats.
License: Freeware, File size: 4595 KB
Company: DOWNLOADUPLOAD.COM (show all)
Win98Win98 WinXPWinXP
  DU Audio Editor   close
DU Audio Editor The powerful easy-to-use digital audio editing program you can use.
License: Freeware, File size: 12039 KB
Company: DOWNLOADUPLOAD.COM (show all)
Win98Win98 WinXPWinXP
Matches: 9204 First    Previous   Page 435 of 921   Next    Last

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